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Inna Etuvgi, a Swedish artist with Chukchi heritage and Aphantasia, crafts art that delves into the intricacies of nature and the human experience. Beginning her artistic journey in 2020, Etuvgi has quickly earned acclaim, including recognition from the Arte Laguna Prize and the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.


Her work, a celebration of nature's overlooked splendors, ranges from the delicate patterns of dewdrops to the complex worlds of mosses and lichens. Through her photography, Etuvgi uncovers the hidden symphony of symbiotic relationships and stories within these tiny landscapes, inviting a deeper appreciation of our bond with the natural world.


Art critic Tabish Khan observes, "Whether she's taking us close to the Earth at its smallest scale or creating fantastical figures covered in plant life through digital art, her work is about transporting us to other worlds—both real and imaginary, but always in harmony with nature." This insight captures the dual nature of Etuvgi's art: a journey into both the minute beauty underfoot and the broader strokes of imagination and identity.


Expanding her canvas with AI and digital tools, Etuvgi explores contemporary societal themes, blending photography with digital artistry in her "Secret Garden" series. This work navigates the complexities of identity and self-expression, reflecting on the ever-evolving roles we play in a changing world.


Etuvgi’s creations oscillate between reality and fantasy, the individual and the collective, serving as a bridge that connects diverse perspectives through the universal language of art. Her work is an invitation to see beyond the visible, into the heart of the interconnectedness that binds us all.

Sweden-based art photographer Inna Etuvgi alias MyPsychedelicGarden




  • 2023 -Macrophotography as another way to see the world - Solo Exhibition - Persgården Galleri, Visingsö, Sweden (8 April - 25 May)


  • 2024 - WOMAN'S ESSENCE Show - Valid World Hall - Barcelona, Spain
  • 2024 - NEW ARTIST 6th Edition - Boomer Gallery - London, UK
  • 2023 - ARTE LAGUNA PRIZE - Arsenale of Venice, Italy
  • 2023 - Photography in the Visual Culture - Centro Internazionale di Fotografia, Palermo, Italy
  • 2022 - Visingsö konstrunda - «Visingsö konstrunda» - Visingsö, Sweden

  • 2021 - S.Eufemia Art Gallery - «SMERALDO» - Venice, Italy

  • 2021 - Visingsö konstrunda - «Visingsö konstrunda» - Visingsö, Sweden




2023 - Stipendi grant from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee


2022 - Finalist artist at the ARTE LAGUNA PRIZE 16

2020 - Arte Laguna Prize 15 - became an artist in the spotlight.

2020 - Top 12 best photographers at the thematic contest «Art photography 2020» by 35AWARDS.

2020 - Top 8 of best photos and Top 9 of best photographers at the thematic contest «Abstract shot by phone              2020» by 35AWARDS.


2024 - JÖNKÖPING POSTEN - “Inna kan inte se när hon blundar” - 11 January 2024

​2023 - JÖNKÖPING POSTEN - “Lavar blir till Aliens i Innas makrolins” - 22 Augusti 2023

2023 - PHOTOGRAPHY IN THE VISUAL CULTUR - a book by SerradifalcoEditore

2021 - NEW YORK STYLE GUIDE - article "Discover Sant' Eufemia gallery and the Emerald Exhibition"

2021 - MARIKA MAGAZINE NATURE & TRAVELS (Issue 791 - April), Kavyar

2020 - MARIKA MAGAZINE NATURE & TRAVELS (Issue 468 - December - published on the cover), Kavyar

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