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Welcome to My Psychedelic Garden 

Art photographer Inna Etuvgi alias MyPsychedelicGarden - Sweden based emerging artist spesialising on macro photograph of northern nature

Hello and welcome!


I'm Inna Etuvgi, a Swedish-based art photographer with Arctic roots, and I specialise in macro art photography. My journey captures the unseen wonders of nature, showcasing a world often overlooked.


Macro photography offers a unique lens, allowing us to venture beyond the visible to witness the extraordinary in the everyday, revealing what our naked eyes might miss.


I invite you to dive deep into my collections, each inspired by nature's whispers, my Arctic heritage, and my personal journey with Aphantasia. Explore and take home a piece of this enchantment through exclusive fine art prints, each crafted to bring the magic of My Psychedelic Garden into your space.



Review for the art of Inna Etuvgi by art critic Tabish Khan

Dear friends,

I am thrilled to share a significant milestone in my artistic journey: my first art critic review by none other than Tabish Khan, a world-renowned art critic who holds a prominent position in the international contemporary art scene.


This invaluable opportunity was made possible by Boomer Gallery, whose support and commitment to emerging artists like myself have opened doors to new horizons.


I am deeply grateful for this experience and look forward to sharing more of my artistic endeavours with you all.


Warm regards,


art photographer Inna Etuvgi


Inna Etuvgi.png

I'm proud to announce that my photograph, "The Beauty of the Moment," has been selected for the "The Land of Silence" exhibition at the Musa Pavilion, Palazzo Pisani Revedin, during the prestigious 60th Venice Biennale.

"The Land of Silence" offers an immersive journey into the quiet depths of contemporary art, blurring the lines between expression and introspection. This exhibition invites you to explore the profound impacts of silence through art that speaks volumes in its tranquility.

My featured piece captures the transient beauty of a dewdrop on grass, a delicate moment bathed in the soft morning sunlight—reminding us of the ephemeral nature of life and the importance of savouring the present.

While I may not be there in person, I warmly invite all art enthusiasts to experience this moment of reflection and beauty. It's a celebration of fleeting moments, captured forever through the lens of fine art.

Come and find a moment of peace and contemplation amidst the bustling excitement of the Biennale. I look forward to sharing this experience with you, as you explore the quiet power and depth of "The Land of Silence."

Palazzo Pisani Revedin

Campo Manin

San Marco 4013/A



New Arrivals



digital art collection

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Book - Photography in the Visual Culture - by Serradifalco editore

Discover "My Psychedelic Garden" in the book "PHOTOGRAPHY IN THE VISUAL CULTURE" 22/23, featuring a diverse range of captivating images from 100 talented photographers, each showcasing their own unique perspective on a universal language.


The 300-page book by by the Serradifalco editore includes high-quality color photographs, along with insightful "process notes" and is printed on Certified FSC paper. It is available in two languages, distributed across 26 countries worldwide. Explore this stunning collection and immerse yourself in the world of contemporary photography.

Thank you from all my mossy heart!


  tel. +46-076-295 8302

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