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"Inner space dreamscapes. The world beyond Aphantasia" is a collection of abstract photos of dewdrops and raindrops, where an image of a drop reflects me or my consciousness that exists in my inner abstract world of verbal ideas, and concepts, coloured with emotions and feelings.


I have no visual imagination. That means, when I close my eyes and try to imagine something or try to remember what someone or something looks like, I see nothing more than darkness. My inner screen is always off. Such visual blindness of the mind is called Aphantasia.


Inside my mind, there are no images of people or whatever else, no voices, but ideas, understandings and concepts, that are kind of "coloured" with emotions and feelings, that run all over the body. The thoughts and ideas have a verbal form, which is abstract. The visualization of experiencing myself I've found via macro photography of the sparkling world of the morning dew. In the photos the drop reflects my consciousness, the me-idea,  that reflects all the experiences and that floats or trips in the abstract world of verbal thoughts and concepts.


In such a way macro photography lets me not only research the world of Nature and see more than my naked eyes can but also it helps me to visualize my emotions and feelings and see the parallel reality that flows inside my soul. It is wonderful and hard to explain, but somehow the "video signal" of my imagination goes to the screen of my camera, which in its turn becomes a kind of my fantasy prosthesis.

Speaking through photography about my personal perception of the world, I want to underline the diversity of humans, not only in the way we look and live but also in the ways our imagination and inner world function. We look at the world and perceive life in a very different way, and I think it is a miracle that we can understand each other.

Thank you for your attention!


All photos are printed in a limited edition using archival inks and museum-quality media.

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