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fine art photography collection



“InnerSpace Dreamscapes: The World Beyond Aphantasia" presents a contemporary fine art photography collection, where each photograph portrays dewdrops and raindrops on blades of grass and flowers. More than merely capturing nature's finesse in art  or presenting another macro photography collection, these abstract photographs are an exploration into the inner world and a quest to understand the nature of consciousness.


The human psyche, with its vastness and mysteries, has always captivated me: What is consciousness? How does one's inner world manifest? And how does each perceive the inner and the outer world? For many, the mind's eye conjures vivid images and plays memories like movies. But for me, the screen remains black—a condition termed Aphantasia. Bereft of mental imagery or voices, my cognition thrives on abstract verbal thoughts, concepts, and a tapestry of emotions.


Macro photography became my bridge to externalise this internal experience. Through my lens, I not only explore Nature's minute wonders but also find a parallel reality reflecting my soul's emotions and feelings. The camera helps me to capture the cognitive landscapes of my inner space, where each drop mirrors my consciousness—the essence of 'me'—navigating this verbal and conceptual realm. It's as though my camera captures the elusive video signal of my unique imagination, photographing the echoes of my consciousness in the silent dance of the morning dew.


By sharing "InnerSpace Dreamscapes," I aim to delve deeper into the mystery of human consciousness, highlight the myriad ways in which we perceive our world, and celebrate the profound diversity of human experience. Through this collection, I invite viewers on a journey not just into my world but also into the introspective exploration of what it means to be sentient.

Thank you for your attention!


All photos are printed in a limited edition using archival inks and museum-quality media.

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