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Gallery-quality print from the 'SAGOSKOGEN' collection showcasing intricate details of northern nature by art phototgrapher Inna Etuvgi alias My Psychedelic Garden

Welcome to the 'SAGOSKOGEN' Collection, a portal to the unseen, enchanting realms of northern nature. This collection immerses viewers in the subtle beauty of mosses, lichens, and other elements through surrealistic macro photography, each piece a dance of light and detail, embodying the mystical forests of Sweden.

These limited edition prints are more than photographs; they are unique stories, unrivalled nature-inspired decor pieces that narrate the world’s concealed wonders. Crafted with precision, each print is a distinctive treasure for art collectors, curators, and art dealers, bringing the elegance and intricate beauty of nature to any space or as a cherished gift for nature lovers.


Explore 'SAGOSKOGEN', own a piece of the fairytale forest, and let your surroundings echo the harmonious and intricate whispers of our world.