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fairytales told by the Swedish forest


Dive into the "SAGOSKOGEN" collection—a surrealistic macro photography journey through the enchanting world of northern nature. Named after the Swedish words for 'fairytale' ("Saga") and 'forest' ("Skogen"), this collection is your ticket to the ‘Fairytale Forest’ of Sweden.


As an art photographer who grew up in the far north, my heart resonates with the delicate beauty of mosses, lichens, and other tiny wonders of the undersized nature of the north. Often overlooked, these underrated masterpieces of nature play pivotal roles in our ecosystem. Through my lens, I capture their intricate details, turning them into collectible prints, revealing the art of nature that speaks volumes about the value of these tiny heroes.


Every photograph in this collection is a dialogue—a visual language where nature tells its tales, inviting us to look deeper and appreciate its marvels. Available as limited edition art prints, each piece is a testament to the uncharted world of the forest floor, waiting to be explored and adored. Perfect for art collectors, curators, and art dealers, my gallery offers a distinctive blend of art and nature, celebrating the unseen beauty around us.


Remember, the more we unveil nature's mysteries, the deeper our love for them grows.


Ready to bring the beauty of 'SAGOSKOGEN' into your space? Explore the exclusive fine art prints from the collection.


Crafted on museum-quality archival paper with vibrant pigment inks, each piece is signed, numbered, and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity to validate its uniqueness and value. 


Elevate your space with this unique art before it's gone forever.

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