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fairytales told by the Swedish forest


"SAGOSKOGEN" is a collection of photos of a fantasy macro world of northern nature, captured in the forest of Huskvarna. In Swedish "Saga" means fairytale, and "Skogen" means forest, so "Sagoskogen" means the fairytale forest.

Photography for me is the way to explore the world of nature to know something new, to understand more about our world, and also to wonder and find the visual form for my thoughts and fantasies.


Having a focus on the otherworldly-looking macro world of lichens and mosses, I like to observe how my imagination works. How it can create a story, building up the full picture based on a small detail, that reminds something. It gives a feeling of connection with nature, a feeling that nature is telling the stories in the visual language, stories that I can capture to share with others.


All photos are printed in a limited edition using archival inks and museum-quality media.

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