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fine art collection of nature photography


fairytales told by the Swedish forest

Discover the "SAGOSKOGEN" collection, a surrealistic macro photography exploration that delves into the enchanting world of northern nature. Drawing its name from the Swedish words for 'fairytale' ("Saga") and 'forest' ("Skogen"), this fine art collection offers an intimate glimpse into Sweden's mystical ‘Fairytale Forest’.


Raised in the Arctic, I've always been drawn to the often-overlooked marvels such as mosses and lichens. These underrated masterpieces of nature play pivotal roles in our ecosystem, anchoring the delicate balance of life. They narrate visual tales, emphasising the intrinsic value of every entity, regardless of size. Living with Aphantasia, my camera transforms these tales into collectible nature prints. To me, photography transcends mere artistry; it becomes a dialogue in which nature imparts its profound messages and stories of interdependence and the synergetic power of collaboration.

Each limited edition print from this gallery-worthy collection offers a glimpse into the forest floor's hidden gems, inviting viewers to build a deeper connection with nature. I am rooted in the belief that unveiling nature's secrets deepens our bond with them, continually reminding us of the inherent beauty and significance of every detail in nature.


Ready to bring the beauty of 'SAGOSKOGEN' into your space? Explore the exclusive fine art prints from the collection.


Crafted on museum-quality archival paper with vibrant pigment inks, each piece is signed, numbered, and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity to validate its uniqueness and value. 


Elevate your space with this unique art before it's gone forever.

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