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fine art collection of lichens photography



My Arctic roots in Chukotka have deeply intertwined my life with the resilient world of lichens. In this remote region, the Cladonia Stellaris lichen stands paramount, nourishing the reindeer which the Chukchi people, my ancestors, relied upon. This ancestral connection has fuelled my journey as an emerging artist specialising in macro art photography.


The “Alien” collection unfolds the surrealistic beauty of Cladonia Stellaris lichens through macro photographs, captured in the forests of Huskvarna, Sweden. The collection, a blend of unique photography and fine art, is my attempt to portray lichens in vivid, contrasting colors, revealing the emotional depth I feel for these miniature beings.


Beyond their surreal patterns and mystical appearance, lichens' remarkable resilience and biology make them a wonder of nature. Neither plant nor animal, lichens represent a harmonious symbiosis between algae and fungi. Their robust collaboration not only enables them to thrive in extreme environments but also, astonishingly, in the vast expanse of open space!


Highlighted in the photos “Alien” and “Spaceship,” lichens demonstrated their cosmic resilience in 2005 when they survived 15 days in outer space. This extraordinary feat broadens our imagination, hinting at the panspermia theory and the possible existence of life on Mars.


Lichens have always evoked in me visions of otherworldly beings. Their unique ability to draw nutrition from the air, pioneer barren terrains, and potentially traverse interplanetary distances make them true 'aliens' amongst us.


The origin of lichens remains a topic of debate and wonder. While once believed to be the earliest organisms to step onto land from water, new research suggests they might have arrived alongside or even after vascular plants. But the notion of panspermia adds an exciting twist to their story.


Regardless of when they first appeared, lichens are nature's pioneers, transforming desolate places into fertile grounds for other life forms.


Delve deep into this "Alien" collection, where unique photography converges with the mysteries of nature, blurring the boundaries between dreams and reality. For every art collector, nature lover, or curious mind, here's an invitation to explore a universe where every snapshot tells a tale of resilience, wonder, and cosmic possibilities.



All photos are printed in a limited edition using archival inks and museum-quality media.

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