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digital art collection

"SECRET GARDEN" is an evocative series that blends photography and digital AI-assisted art. Emerging from the macro photography and enriched by textual prompts, this collection delves into the nuances of contemporary societal issues—identity, self-expression, and the fluid roles we inhabit in our rapidly transforming society.


At its core, "SECRET GARDEN" is an exploration of personal inner landscapes. It's a space where societal facades dissolve, allowing the inner child to wander and dreams of the future to germinate and flourish. This series invites viewers on a reflective journey, encouraging them to consider their own roles and identities in the context of both the outer world and their innermost selves.



Discover Limited-Edition Fine Art Prints from "Portraits of the Spring" Collection.


Crafted on museum-quality archival paper using vibrant pigment inks, each piece stands as a testament to meticulous craftsmanship. Signed, numbered, and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, they validate both uniqueness and value.


Let your spaces resonate with the alluring beauty of the flowers.

Fine art print by Inna Etuvgi in Modern_bathroom_with_ceramic_vases.jpg
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