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A limited edition fine art print of a surrealistic art photograph titled ‘Aphantasia's Flight’ showcasing a dew drop on a grass blade ressembling a bird, captured by an emerging Swedish artist Inna Etuvgi alias My Psychedelic Garden

Dive into the ethereal realm of "InnerSpace Dreamscapes," a unique collection that bridges the external beauty of nature with the internal mysteries of human consciousness. Each image, a meticulously captured portrayal of dewdrops on blades of grass, is an invitation into an introspective journey beyond the ordinary.

As an artist deeply committed to preserving the essence of my work, I am pleased to offer these captivating pieces as fine art prints. Each print is available in a limited edition, ensuring that you possess a rare and exclusive piece of art.

Quality is paramount. Every print you purchase has been rendered on museum-quality fine art media from Hahnemuehle, renowned for its exceptional standard and longevity. Coupled with archival pigment inks, this ensures that the artwork remains vibrant and undiminished, echoing the timeless beauty of the subject it portrays.

Whether you are an art collector, a lover of nature, or someone on a quest to understand the vast expanse of human emotion and perception, these prints are more than just art; they are gateways to introspection, conversation, and admiration. Adorn your space with a piece from the "InnerSpace Dreamscapes" collection and let it be a constant reminder of the profound depths and mysteries our world, both external and internal, holds.


Welcome to the shop and may you find a piece that resonates with your soul.