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collection of art photographs revealing beauty in the everyday moments


Step into "Wonderland Under Our Feet", a realm where surrealistic art photography reveals the ethereal beauty of morning dew upon garden grasses and the mosses of forest floors. This unique perspective is crafted by Inna Etuvgi, the emerging Swedish artist behind MyPsychedelicGarden.


Guided by Aphantasia, Inna uses her camera to navigate her distinct cognitive landscapes. While these innovative captures may seem like dreamworld illusions, they stand as genuine glimpses of the mesmerising reality that exists underfoot.


"Wonderland Under Our Feet" offers more than visual allure; it beckons viewers to recognise beauty in everyday moments. As limited edition prints, these photographs are not only introspective art pieces but also a curator's choice for adding contemporary Swedish art to esteemed collections.


In our quest for magic in grand tales, often it's found in the subtleties—like the wonder hidden in a dewdrop—waiting for the discerning observer.


Explore this unique collection of nature macro art and bring home a piece of inspirational, gallery-worthy photography. 


Crafted on museum-quality archival paper with vibrant pigment inks, each piece is signed, numbered, and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity to validate its uniqueness and value.


Let your spaces resonate with the unseen beauty and abstract wonders of our world.

Art photo print titled ‘Wonderland Under our feet’ depicting an abstract image of dew dropa on grass with warm ochre and green hues, framed and displayed on a wall within a minimalistic interior setting. Artwork by Inna Etuvgi of My Psychedelic Garden
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